Master Speaker & Trainer of NLP & Hypnotherapy

Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnotherapy

what is mindset mastery?

Have you tried many things to accomplish your goals, make more money, let go of unwanted beliefs and behaviors, and yet you are "STILL TRYING" to figure out how to get RAPID RESULTS in your life and business?   The "Cappi Pidwell Mindset Mastery Method", is all about getting Rapid Results and maximizing your powerful subconscious mind!  So if you are ready for REAL CHANGES in your life, you can book me to speak at your next event, or do one of my subconscious systems.  If you want to sample some of my work, simply go get one of the free bonus gifts or the e-book  on 
MINDSET MASTERY.  I love helping my audiences and clients get VERY  RAPID RESULTS!    .


Are you looking to change your RESULTS? Are you tired of never reaching the pinnacle of your success because your mindset is repeating old patterns, thoughts and behaviors? Through my powerful subconscious trainings, keynotes talks, and subconscious coaching, I will enrich you, your team or members, on how to upgrade their mindsets for RAPID results!  I  help people re-condition their mindsets  to success to achieve new results and, amazing outcomes,  making success on any level a possibility! Whether you are wanting to become one of 10% of the top producers, increase your sales by 150%, or achieve over health and happiness, my proven techniques, trainings, and subconscious systems WILL turn YOUR life and business into the dream, you have always dreamt about. 
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The Cappi Pidwell Mindset Method

Cappi's Programs

The Mindset Code

My Subconscious Secrets For Change

The real secret to make any change in your life is to learn how to navigate and upgrade your powerful subconscious mind. It’s amazing to me that in today’s busy world, we know more
about programming our cell phones, I-pads, TVs, and computers  than we do on how to program our own mindsets – the master computer that matters most.
By the time you are finished reading this book, you will  understand and know how to use  your own powerful mindset,  just like a computer programming system, and now you will 
have the correct apps (suggestions and processes) 
to make  change in your life that supports you.

Money Mindset Free Checklist

The Subconscious Checklist to Understand Your Money Mindset 

Are you ready to change your money mindset to one of success, growth, and abundance? Cappi Pidwell's Subconscious Mindset Method Systems make it is possible for anyone to achieve the results they desire, through  powerful mindset changes. Download the Free Checklist now,  to see if you need to change your RELATIONSHIP and money mindset!

The Subconscious Course to Change your Money Mindset  : Over 1000 Copies Sold

Explore Your Money Mindset

The Subconscious Course to Change your Money Mindset 

Explore your Money Mindset is all about you discovering WHAT IS STORED INSIDE OF YOU, INSIDE OF YOUR POWERFUL SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!

The Top Selling Course on Mastering your Money Mindset : Over 3000 Copies Sold

Mental Money Mastery

The Subconscious Course to MASTER your Money Mindset 

The Mental Money Mastery Subconscious System was created out of sheer demand from Cappi's clients. Cappi covers the money topic in all of her programs and her clients demanded more, so she created Mental Money Mastery for ANY person that wants to break through their limiting beliefs around money and success!
If you really want to change your relationship to money and wealthy one, this program is definitely for you! You cannot afford to ignore this very powerful relationship to money, and rebuild it to a RICH one!

The Newest Course on UPGRADE your Sales Mindset : Coming Out Soon

Subconscious Sales Secrets

The Subconscious Course to UPGRADE your Sales Mindset 

Up to 97% of all our decisions are made in the subconscious mind. Because of this, the biggest and most advanced companies are applying the latest discoveries in neuroscience to create the best sales people in the world. Subconscious Selling Secrets will show you behind the curtain and teach you to become a selling machine! 
If you really want to change your relationship to selling , this program is definitely for you! You cannot afford to ignore this very powerful relationship to selling!

Free Reduce your Stress in Stressful Times

The Free Subconscious Session to Master your Stress & Anxiety

My Proven 10 Minutes Method To Reduce Your Stress during Covid -19
The world has changed faster than most of us could have ever imagined. We are all working from home, staying in, and trying to manage our busy lives differently than we ever have. This also means people are experiencing more fear, anxiety, and worry right now in these uncertain times, go download this FREE session to upgrade your mindset, and quickly reduce your stress.  

How I Discovered The Power of My Subconscious Mind

Years ago,  I was in corporate sales and I was under a lot of “quota” pressure and life stress. At the time I was  providing for my family as a single mother of 2.  I was struggling with finding a way to make money that didn't cause tons of pressure and stress. Living with a lot of daily stress, I began to get TMJ. TMJ is a symptom that locks up your jaw bone. It was very painful and hard to deal with and I was desperate for an answer and a fast solution! After I became open minded to find a fast solution, within just ONE hypnosis session, my TMJ was gone for good, and that powerful result led me on my path to learning more and creating the Mindset Mastery systems, trainings and programs I have today. 

Book me to Speak on Mindset Mastery 

If you are ready to take your team and organization to the next level of success, then you are in the right place!  Mindset is the BIGGEST MISSING PIECE to most training and success systems out there.  90% of your mind is your subconscious mind, and most people are only "trying" to get new outcomes with the 5 to 10% conscious mind.  My trainings and talks, teach people how to upgrade their SUBCONSCIOUS MIND for RAPID RESULTS!     To book me to speak at your next event, contact:

The Cappi Pidwell Method

I love helping people with rapid results! 
What took me over 25 years to learn and create, can now be yours too. 
 You can get these on line products and amazing programs that will get you amazingly fast results too, without figuring out how to do it all, like I had too! I can help more people in more ways now, and make a bigger impact in many more lives. I’m so grateful and honored to help you make more, be more, stress less, and upgrade your mindset to Massive Success!  
Listen To What They Have To Say 

"I am now making twenty thousand per month consistently" -Frank Martinez

"I have seen amazing results in my business and Personal life..." - Kim Cartwright

"I just was floored by the information she provided" -Jennifer


Cappi is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. Download the media bio and press kit here:

Media Bio

Over the last 23 years Cappi has help change thousands of peoples lives through her mastery in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Advanced Hypnotherapy; educating, speaking and coaching entrepreneurs, sales people and organizations on the power of “state change” and the subconscious mind with amazing results.

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If you're interested in consulting or speaking with Cappi Pidwell, her fees for events are below:

  • Zoom Call - Apply Now to Discuss Options 
  • Speaking Engagements - $5,000 and above depending on client needs
  • Speaking Engagements & Custom Products - $15,000 and above
  • 1:1 Mindset Coaching - $5,000 for a month, to build custom re-mind mapping business strategy plan, and personal subconscious sessions, for FAST, POWERFUL change. 
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